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ConnectLine™ - $250*

Oticon's ConnectLine™ connectivity solution is the most complete and easiest to use system available today. Connect to TV's, cell phones, landline phones, computers, and MP3 players - part of everyday life for people of all ages. With ConnectLine it's as easy as pressing a button.

ConnectLine is designed to work as an integrated system. Complete with a TV Adaptor, Landline Phone Adaptor and easily connected to a Cell Phone. Oticon's ConnectLine system is designed to work together seamlessly to address your most difficult hearing situations. ConnectLine turns your hearing instruments into a hands free headset.

Oticon ConnectLine TV Adapter
TV Adapter - $299*
Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter
Phone Adapter $299*
Oticon ConnectLine Streamer Pro
Streamer Pro $399*
Oticon Microphone
Microphone $299*

Oticon Remote Control 2.0 - $299

The new wireless Remote Control is simple to operate, fits snugly in the palm and has just three buttons. Adjust the volume and switch between different programs with ease! This gives you more control of the sound you hear – no more fuss or fiddling with hearing instruments.

* ConnectLine and Accessory prices shown are with purchase of hearing aids.

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